KE Journal

Welcome to our new blog, the KE Journal

We look forward to communicating with you here on a regular basis, and to bringing you the latest news, tips and how-to information on weight-loss, nutrition and exercise topics that matter to all of us who believe in the KE Diet® lifestyle.


In these posts you’ll meet key members of the KE team, the dedicated physicians and counselors who are here to support you through the 10-day KE Diet – including the professionals at our Miami clinic and the licensee physicians near where you live.


You’ll hear regularly from our founder and CEO Dr. Oliver Di Pietro, who pioneered the KE Diet in the U.S.; and Dr. Eric C. Westman, Chair of our Scientific Advisory Board, an internationally-known authority on low-carbohydrate nutrition and ketogenic diets. (Dr. Westman is co-author of the New York Times bestseller The New Atkins For A New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great, so we look forward to bringing you excerpts from his book.)


We’ll explore patients’ frequently asked questions about the KE Diet and bring you recipes, cooking tips and exercise advice on living a fulfilling low-carb/high-energy lifestyle.


And of course you’ll meet our KE Dieters — people who have successfully completed one or more KE Diet 10-Day cycles, and whose lives have been transformed in the process. Their stories are nothing short of inspirational…you’ll hear from them in their own words.


Everyone on the KE Diet team is committed to delivering a safe, medically supervised, scientifically proven treatment for rapid weight loss. We call our 10-day KE Diet a jumpstart to a lifelong weight-loss program — a new, healthier way of life. What happens on Day 10 and after? Well, that’s another exciting topic for the KE Journal.


Until next time, the answers to many of your immediate questions can be found on the KE Diet website. We invite you to start with the transformation stories from some of our satisfied KE Diet patients.


If you would prefer to speak with Dr. Di Pietro or one of our KE Diet counselors immediately, please call us now at 1-855 5KE DIET (1-855-553-3438).