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How to Stay Active — and Exercise — on the 10-Day KE Diet

One of the most frequently asked questions at KE Diet® headquarters is: “Can I go about my normal activities while on the KE Diet?” The answer for most people is yes! While some patients may choose to stay close to home when on the 10-day KE Diet, many more continue their normal day-to-day activities, including going to work or school, socializing with friends or going to the movies, even following their usual exercise routines.

Taking Care of Business

One such individual is Dr. Wickham Simonds of Durham, NC. Dr. Simonds is a KE Diet Licensee Physician and a KE Diet patient. Although he is a bariatrician, Dr. Simonds has struggled with his weight for many years. Recently he lost 30 pounds in 30 days, including 20 days — or two separate 10-day cycles — on the KE Diet.

Watch the video of Dr. Simonds on Day 8 of his first 10-day KE Diet cycle. You’ll be amazed at how he assimilated the KE Diet into his normal routine, and how he went about his weekend chores while wearing the KE Diet nutritional smart tube. Bear in mind that Dr. Simonds continued to treat a full case load of patients during the week at his busy weight loss practice.



Don’t Feel Like Exercising? Don’t Worry.

When it comes to exercising while dieting, each patient is unique. There are many different medical opinions on this topic, but most of the recommendations are related to “healthy living,” not “weight loss.”

Dr. Eric C. Westman is Director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic and Chair of the KE Diet Scientific Advisory Board. We asked his opinion about exercising while on the KE Diet.

“If you are active and exercising regularly, then you should notice no change in your ability to exercise when using the KE Diet, or doing the Low Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet* afterwards,” he said. “Some people notice a mild decrease in ability to exercise during the first two weeks.”

What if you don’t feel up to exercising while wearing the KE Diet nutritional smart tube?

“If you do not feel like you are ready to exercise, then don’t!” said Dr. Westman. “The most important thing to focus on is the DIET. Then, over time, after you have lost weight, you will find that the desire to exercise increases. That’s when you should try to incorporate exercise back into your lifestyle.”

Congratulations to Dr. Wickham Simonds! We’ll bring you an update on his progress after he completes his third cycle of the KE Diet.


*Dr. Westman is the author of A Low Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet Manual, a “No Sugar, No Starch” diet often used as a follow-up program for the KE Diet.