KE Journal

Five Benefits of Shedding a Few Pounds


You’ve tried it all: the Atkins diet, the cookie diet, the South Beach diet, the Paleo diet and the all-carb diet. And while eating fruits and veggies 24/7 may seem enticing to some people, not every diet works for every person.

“Most people don’t realize losing weight doesn’t happen overnight,” says Dr. Oliver Pietro, founder of the KE Diet ( “It is a lifestyle change, and many people become discouraged and fall back into their old ways.”

So why is it so important to lose weight? Consider these five universal health benefits weight loss might spark:
1. Reduction in your risk for diabetes. Losing weight helps the body metabolize glucose, thereby lessening your chance of developing diabetes. It is estimated that by 2025, 75% of the U.S. population will be diabetic!
2. A drop in cholesterol. Cholesterol is the fatty substance found in delicious foods such as bacon, that clogs arteries and contributes to heart disease. Exercise not only aids in weight loss, but engaging in some sort of physical activity causes cholesterol to break down.
3. Lower fat percentage of the liver. The human liver is naturally 5-10% fat. Going beyond that could lead to liver disease. Losing weight directly assists in preventing liver disease.
4. Improved sleep. Let’s be honest, snoring can be disruptive to others sleeping. Losing weight reduces the pressure placed on the throat while sleeping, which leads to a reduction in snoring.
5. Increase in energy. Life is short. Losing weight releases endorphins that not only increase energy but also make us feel alive like we can conquer the world.